Home Insurance: Nashville

Are you looking for home insurance in the Nashville, TN area? You are in luck! As an insurance broker in Tennessee, we can help you with almost all of your insurance needs by working with multiple carriers. Since we are not tied to one carrier, one insurance company, we can offer unbiased advice for your homeowners insurance. Your home is likely your largest asset. This means that you should protect it as such. The cheapest homeowners insurance is not always the best deal. When you need to make a claim, your “best deal ever” may turn in to your worst deal ever in seconds.

In order to avoid this ugly situation, we will talk to you about your coverage and what it means. We want you to know what you are buying. While others may pressure sales and try to push you to buy, that is not our mindset. Even if you do not buy through us, we want you to have more knowledge. You will be better protected, because you will know what coverage you need.

Flood Coverage:

A lot of people do not know that flood damage is excluded from your homeowners’ policy. Did you know that? If water enters your home from the ground level, it is considered flood damage. If you try to make a claim with your homeowners insurance company, they will deny your claim. Flood insurance is a separate policy that you must purchase through the U.S. government. We have a carrier that we use to write flood policies, so don’t worry! Another little known fact is that most flood damage claims come from homes not considered in a “flood zone.” Be prepared.

Wind/Hail Deductible:

Do you know your wind/hail deductible? It may be a percent of your home’s “Dwelling A” coverage, which means your deductible for wind/hail could be thousands of dollars. You can have a fixed policy deductible for all covered perils, or have a separate one for wind/hail. It is very important to know this number. If your home is valued at $250,000 on your declaration page, and you have a 2% separate deductible, it will be $5,000 if you need to make a claim. Your policy deductible may be $1,000, but watch for the percentage deductible for wind/hail.


Please contact us for quotes! We can also bundle your home and auto together to maximize your discounts. We are open Monday through Friday each week. Let us assist you with your homeowners insurance. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter weekend!

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