Is Your Roof Covered?

Is your roof covered? Practically every homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for the roof. The better question is, how well is your roof covered?

  • Actual Cash Value- This is a very important insurance phrase to know. If you see this on your homeowners policy, ask questions, and run. This means that if you were to need to make a roof claim, you will be receiving a watered down check. A recent storm badly damaged your roof. What does this coverage mean to you? It needs to be replaced, but the insurance company tells you that because the roof is X years old, it has depreciated in value. They then write a check to cover the depreciated value.
  • Replacement Cost- This is the coverage phrase that you want to see. If it does need to be replaced, then the insurance company will be there to pay the replacement cost for the roof, without factoring in depreciation. In this way, one of the most important parts of your home is covered. When you need assistance, our carriers will be there to assist. Each of our carriers offer replacement cost, and this better protects your wallet and, arguably, your largest asset.

Your homeowners insurance is very important, and many would rather put their weight behind cheap. However, we will give you the best quote out of our quality carriers. We may not be the cheapest in the industry, but we will give you our best out of the best. Feel free to contact us for your free homeowners quote, and bundle it with your auto insurance for an even better deal for you and your family.

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John M. Hatcher

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