Are You a Homeowner?

Are you a Homeowner?

Here are some coverages you need to make sure are on your Homeowners policy:

  1. Sinkhole- In Tennessee, it is an optional coverage that you can add to your policy. Every insurance company in Tennessee has to offer it to our residents. It is up to your agent, and you, to make sure it is added. Sinkholes present a clear and present danger to to our largest asset. Florida is most known for their sinkholes, but this Tennessean article shows that Tennessee is ranked among the top 5 states in the entire country with sinkhole issues. Ask your agent to make sure this is added or included in your homeowners policy! It can save you financially and from a lot of grief.
  2. Earthquake- Earthquake coverage? Who needs that in Tennessee? We’re glad you asked! TEMA, Tennessee’s version of FEMA, stated late last year that the most serious natural disaster threat to Tennesseans is an earthquake. According to this article with WKRN, families need to have an emergency plan prepared for when it hits us. You can add earthquake coverage to your homeowners insurance, with generally a percentage deductible. It is not normally covered in your HO, and needs to be added. If you are a homeowner, call us, call your agent, and ask for a quote to have this important coverage added.

These are just a couple of items that need to be added to your home insurance policy. Yes, it will cost more on your insurance, but without it, your home is open to the full risk of loss. With 20 home and auto companies that we work with, we can shop around for you for the best rate for you and your family! Contact us here for your free quote! Or call today! We gladly serve you as your local insurance broker in Fairview, Franklin, Nashville, and surrounding communities in Tennessee!

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