Auto Insurance Costs

How is your Auto Insurance Costs doing? Does it reflect your driving history, or does it seem too high? Unbeknownst to many, your driving history follows you in Tennessee for 5 years. After 5 years, your auto claims, accidents, and etc., come off of your driving record, as far as insurance goes. Many companies give a 3 year safe driving discount, and if you have 5 years of safe driving, we have a few carriers that give steal of a deal auto premiums. One of these carriers saved a gentleman this month over $700 for the year on his clean auto history!!

If your auto insurance costs seem high, or you are interested in seeing if we can help you save money, then contact us. Progressive, Erie Insurance, and Selective Insurance are just a few that we can put to work for you. You want to be rewarded for your good driving history, so call us today!

Insurance companies are good about raising your rates each year, and many claim that they are for the rate of inflation. This does not make sense to us, because your coverages generally do not increase along with the rate increases. The rate was good enough last year for the same amount of coverage, but it is not this year. Insurance costs can slip up on you over several years, for a myriad of reasons. You do not have to absorb the extra costs! Call us today for a free, no obligation quote on your auto insurance! Would you like to bundle your homeowners insurance or renters insurance as well? You will receive an extra discount for multi-policies!

Contact us here! We happily serve Tennessee residents in Franklin, Nashville, Fairview, Bellevue, and surrounding communities!


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