Hagerty: Classic Cars

It’s that time of year, folks! Every year, this is the time when you finally get to take your classic car out of storage!  You can put the top down and drive around town. When the weather is fair, you feel safer driving your classic car or cars, but accidents can still happen. However, the stress of having an accident can be taken away.

Many insurance companies will charge you a great deal of money to insure your classic cars, but not Hagerty. Hagerty specializes in insuring classic cars, and their rates are very competitive and hard to beat. They not only give you better rates and save you money, but superior coverage.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Hagerty for your classic cars:

  1. Guaranteed Replacement Cost: How would you like to insure your vehicle, knowing that its true value is covered, guaranteed? You will not be offered a watered down check. Many insurance companies may try to offer you a lower amount of money than your car is worth. In the case that your car was totaled in a covered claim, Hagerty pays you the Guaranteed Replacement Cost that you, Hagerty and an appraiser agrees upon before the policy starts. It is important to have this lined up before the policy starts, so that you know your car is truly covered. This takes any debate out of the issue when you want to get back on the road and back to living. An appraisal is not needed for every vehicle.
  2. How does $0 deductibles sound for comprehensive and collision coverage? If you need to make a claim, you will save money on this end as well! You can save potentially hundreds on your auto deductibles, on top of your premium savings. Hagerty specializes in offering $0 deductibles, because they want their clients to be able to call for and receive assistance if they need it.
  3. Best Service: As always, we strive to give each of our clients the best service we can give. J.M. Hatcher Independent Insurance Broker is here to serve you, whether you live in Franklin TN, Bellevue TN, Fairview TN, and surrounding communities! When you need to update your policies, need a quote on adding a vehicle, replacing a vehicle, let us know and we will serve you as quickly as possible and in good manner.

Thank you for reading our blog today! Call us today to protect your classic cars, vintage cars! You may also fill out our quote request form.

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