Your Local Insurance Broker

Your Local Insurance Broker:

Are you looking for your local insurance broker? We gladly serve the Middle Tennessee area, including, but not limited to Franklin, TN, Nashville, TN, Fairview, TN and surrounding communities! We work one on one with you to ensure that you are insured correctly. In today’s market, it is important to make sure you are covered from every angle. Let us serve you and your family.

Do you know the worth of your home in today’s market? As your local insurance broker, we are more in tune with the market and people here in Middle Tennessee. More importantly, as your neighbor, we care more about your well-being. When you buy a policy online through any number of companies, yes, you have insurance, but how well are you protected? When you call us for a quote, your well-being is on our mind. It is important to insure the full value of your home, and have some extra coverage to make sure you are not under insured if a major natural disaster damages your neighborhood. If several people in your neighborhood, city need to rebuild, repairs, you must think about supply and demand. Your Dwelling A coverage on your home may cover the value of your home now, but what if everyone else needs help?

If everyone else needs help, labor and materials will increase in cost. This will create a situation where you are under insured, and the help you desperately need will be lacking. Do not put yourself in this situation. Call us, and we will make sure your homeowners insurance is more than adequate for your needs. Most Americans are under insured, and they sadly do not find out until they go to make a claim with their homeowners insurance company. Less than 15% of Americans have Flood Insurance, but the majority of claims that come in are from areas not in a flood zone.

Would you like to know that you are covered, and not think you are when the big one comes? If you answered yes, then call us. We have 20 home and auto companies to shop under for you. The coverage you need may be less than you think. Your local Fairview, TN insurance broker! Thinking about moving to downtown Nashville, TN to The Gulch area? Your local insurance broker can make it more affordable! Contact us for your free, no obligation quote! 

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