Overpaying for Insurance?

Are you overpaying for insurance? Most Americans waste a lot of money every year paying increasing premiums, and stay with the status quo. Here are 4 reasons why you are overpaying for your auto and home insurance.

  1. Loyalty: Many Americans are loyal to a particular company, because they have been with them for decades. How has your company rewarded you for being loyal to them? Your premiums have surely increased over the years, and your benefits have not increased with them. You are currently overpaying for insurance that protected you years ago, but the times have changed. The insurance coverage you first bought years ago is now under insuring you and your family.
  2. Competition: The competition is a lot heavier in today’s market. There are many more insurance companies out there that may be able to better serve you. Do you have a classic car? Hagerty can insure your classic car, full coverage with $0 deductibles, guaranteed replacement cost on your classic car(s) for a fraction of the cost you are paying now. We quoted a gentleman with a classic car recently, $15,000 guaranteed replacement cost, $0 comprehensive and collision deductibles. How much did this cost him? About $150 for the whole year. Since we have 20 home and auto insurance companies, we can shop around for you. We make the competition compete for you, saving you time and money.
  3. Insurance Companies’ Expenses: Ironically, the insurance companies with the most recognized names are among the most expensive. Have you seen their commercials? They hire big stars to show off their products and services and play their commercials every day. Who pays for these big and expensive insurance commercials? You, and your insurance company is very thankful for that. On the opposite end, we have several carriers, A+ or better rated, that can serve you better and pass their savings on to you by way of lower insurance rates.
  4.  Fear: In line with loyalty, many people fear change. As a result, many people fear changing their insurance companies. They are comfortable with what they have. However, the change we are speaking of is good. Who fears saving money and potentially getting better coverage? This is the fear you are running from, and it is costing you. Saving money and better coverage.

In conclusion, you can change your situation for the better. Give us a call, and we will immediately get to work for you. The more we can help the community, the stronger our communities will be. The more people we can help in Fairview, Franklin, Brentwood and surrounding areas as their insurance broker, the stronger financially the communities will be. Move out of your way and start saving money!

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