Insurance Broker: Character

An Insurance Broker with Character:

Who needs that? Everyone, in our humble opinion, needs an insurance broker with character. The world of insurance can be a very boring world, but you need someone who is there to not only help protect you, but to have some character. Character not only means someone with a comical, happy side, but someone with a good core.

When you are looking for an insurance broker in the Franklin, Fairview, Bellevue, TN area, think of us first. We are very easy to work with and will help protect you. Your auto and home insurance are more than simple policies to us. They present, in many cases, your first line of defense to liability and financial loss. We will at least give you the same coverage you have now, and will not give you less to win your business on price.

The definition of character is “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.” Character cannot be gained over night. It is the accumulation of one’s content. When we serve you and your family with great service, it makes us feel good. When you need help with an auto claim, or a homeowners insurance claim, you need an insurance company that will help you.

At our agency, we have 20 A+ or better rated Home and Auto companies under us. What does this tell you? Our companies are financially strong, and several have won awards for great customer service. For example, Erie Insurance has won awards from JD Power on customer service and by other groups! They are one of our best companies.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an insurance broker, independent agent with sound character, here we are.

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