Captive Insurance Agent

Do you expect to get the best deal from your captive insurance agent? Sure, they are part of some of the largest insurance companies in the U.S., but they are also among the most expensive. When your captive insurance agent gets to work on your insurance, they cannot shop around but with their one company. Hard work indeed.

Ask yourself this question. Would you expect to get a good deal on a home if a real estate agent could only sell the homes that they had listed under their name? In other words, the only homes they could show you, sell to you, were the homes listed under their name. Would you expect to get a great deal? What kind of deal would you expect to get?

In the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, there is a man called Mr. Potter, the man who owns all the homes/apartments on one side of town.  George Bailey, in one exchange with one of his clients, said, “Joe, you had one of those Potter houses, didn’t you? Well, have you forgotten? Have you forgotten what he charged you for that broken-down shack?” When you go through us, we have several companies to shop under for you to help you save money, and sometimes get better coverage as well. So far this month, we have helped our clients  save over $1,000. That is $1,000 back into the pockets of our fellow neighbors, friends, and family members out in the communities.

Would you like a George Bailey looking out for you in your insurance coverage and insurance costs? When you are ready to shop around outside of your captive insurance agent, and cut your costs, call us. You are important to us, and we want to serve you as best we can. A captive agent may be a great person, but the best they can do for you is one company. When you choose your insurance through us, your independent insurance broker, we can better serve your distinct needs and situations, because we can shop around with up to 20 companies for you, and we do it every year!

Contact us for your best quote on your Home/Renters, Auto, Life Insurance and more!

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