What To Do After An Accident

In thought to our recent and current weather, this article may be helpful to many in knowing what to do when the unexpected accident occurs. Why is it good to know? If you know what to do, you won’t be as stressed when it happens. You will know exactly what to do, and when you know what to do, in any situation, you feel less stressed and you react differently.

Step 1. The first thing you do after an accident is check on everyone in your vehicle, check for injuries, make sure everyone is okay.

Step 2. If possible, move your vehicle to a safe place, whether it is as far off the shoulder as you can get, or pulling into the nearest business’ parking lot.

Step 3. Call 911, and have your location or approximate location ready. Don’t count on Emergency technology to locate you based on your call tracking, it is outdated technology.

Step 4. If you have been able to get to a safe place, try to exchange information with the other driver. Don’t admit fault. The other driver may have done something that created the accident that you are not aware of in the confusion, and you just admitted to fault.

Step 5. Document the Scene. Take photos.

Step 6. Call for your Roadside Assistance. If you need medical attention, and if you have medical payments on your auto insurance policy, your insurance company can help you out with your medical payments.

Step 7. A Police Report will be made available to you within a certain time frame. Be ready to collect it and use it in the claim process.

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